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you from:
Comments:I planned to go to the rally in Toronto, but I arrived there at 3pm--I just wanted to let everyone to count me too and next time I hope the information about the march is made more clear (A lot of my friends missed it!)and longer! I hope we have another one again soon!!!We need to get the message across!!! Fight!!
May 10, 2000 20:41:43 (GMT Time)

Name:Ami Mazur
Comments:It was the best feeling in the world to be there. Go weed go!!!
May 9, 2000 17:55:37 (GMT Time)

Name:Molly Jane
Comments:I was dissapointed with the ammount of media coverage. Let's hope we all made a difference!!
May 8, 2000 03:31:20 (GMT Time)

Comments:Well maybe I didn't stay long enough but the whole thing just seemed to die at the end of the march??? I for one was a touch disappointed.
May 7, 2000 22:14:31 (GMT Time)

Comments:See you all there!
May 6, 2000 03:39:29 (GMT Time)

Comments:I AM CANADIAN = )
May 4, 2000 21:44:31 (GMT Time)

Name:Josh Budd
Comments:It's about fucking time!!!
May 4, 2000 18:17:12 (GMT Time)

Name:Cydne Dufresne
Comments:I was moved almost to tears when I found your website - Hallelujah. I'll be marching proudly with you. It is definately time to change the law.
May 4, 2000 13:23:56 (GMT Time)

Comments:I just got back from Amsterdam 2 days ago. My friend from Toronto called me up to tell me about the march. You bet I'm going. Once you experience buying Jack Herer or Skunk #1 over the counter you will come back with the utmost motivation to do whatever you can to achieve the same freedom in your own country. I'm so glad to be able to do my part. Thanks everyone.
May 4, 2000 01:50:06 (GMT Time)

Comments:Don't be stupid on Saturday, Bring your own weed! Don't try and score some at the march, that will just bring cops around, plus, I don't think it would be good sitting in a jail cell while all your friends are being smart about it. Use your head when going to the march. SlipKnot Roolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 3, 2000 20:14:58 (GMT Time)

Comments:Don't be stupid on Saturday, Bring your own weed! Don't try and score some at the march, that will just bring cops around, plus, I don't think it would be good sitting in a jail cell while all your friends are being smart about it. Use your head when going to the march.
May 3, 2000 20:13:58 (GMT Time)

Name:John Hanan
Comments:I'll be going to the march this Saturday. I'll also be bringing a mike and recorder, courtesy of CBC radio. So if you have something to say, look for the short guy who looks a little space out. Peace, love and empathy.
May 2, 2000 23:08:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Kate Wood
Comments: yeah
May 1, 2000 00:33:42 (GMT Time)

Comments:wISH I could be there in Toronto. Ganja is the key to open the door to the subconcious mind, allowing connection to the higher self. Those who criticize us need to try the weed! It opens my mind and soul and keeps me in total balance. It keeps my feet on the ground and my mind in the clouds! To bad my anal boyfriend won't try it, he thinks its bad. I'll die with a fattie between my lips! "I smoked 2 joints, I said I smoked 2 joints, and then i smoked 2 more!" This will be put on my grave
April 30, 2000 23:44:54 (GMT Time)

Comments:I think its great what you are doing and I'll tell all my friends about this and we'll defenitely be there.
April 24, 2000 19:24:52 (GMT Time)

Comments:see you at the march
April 23, 2000 14:15:13 (GMT Time)

April 22, 2000 18:42:31 (GMT Time)

Comments:see ya'll at the march =) smoke lotz and prove your point. Weeds a healer not a killer peace =)
April 22, 2000 06:22:23 (GMT Time)

Comments:Just welcoming the new year with a fat J! Happy 4:20@4:20 !!!
April 20, 2000 08:19:43 (GMT Time)

Name:Matt W.
Comments:I can't wait for the march...I'm going to tell everyone I know to come. Happy 420!
April 20, 2000 08:18:57 (GMT Time)

Comments:I personally cannot wait until the rally. It will be a great opportunity for us all to show the Canadian government what marijuana is all about. Don't criticize it, legalize it! It will be a tough fight for us considering many politicians forgot to *inhale*. We can do it, I hope to see you all there.. peace, love, magic..
April 20, 2000 05:04:32 (GMT Time)

Comments:I personally cannot wait until the rally. It will be a great opportunity for us all to show the Canadian government what marijuana is all about. Don't criticize it, legalize it! It will be a tough fight for us considering many politicians forgot to *inhale*. We can do it, I hope to see you all there.. peace, love, magic..
April 20, 2000 05:04:16 (GMT Time)

Comments:yes it is my real name, I use the herb for cronic pain, should be legal, plan on being at the march
April 20, 2000 04:01:41 (GMT Time)

Name:Jay German
Comments:to bad open mike didn't work out as planned, would like to be at the march though
April 20, 2000 03:55:28 (GMT Time)

Name:Jehri Roy
Comments:Haha as cool as this all is lets Id like to encourage all the protesters to remember that this is very serious and we dont wanna come off looking like a bunch of hippies with bongs in hand and man sized joints walking down the street. Lets legalize it first.
April 20, 2000 02:20:52 (GMT Time)

Name:Blair Anderson
Comments:Hey, Have a great time on TO come Mayday the 6th. Big heady cheers from Christchurch, New Zealand and all the other stirrers here in Godzone...
April 19, 2000 13:15:37 (GMT Time)

Name:andy hutchinson
Comments:a spliff a day keeps the docter away
April 19, 2000 12:00:10 (GMT Time)

Name:Mac S.
Comments:Its about time we got together and did something for the cause. Im sick and tired of police oppression, and laws which are not only unfair, but also counterproductive. On may 6th we will be heard, and a new day will come for all who would rather light a joint than kill for no good reason.
April 18, 2000 13:25:26 (GMT Time)

Comments:i have a chronic, painful bowel disease and marijuana is the only thing that helps ease the pain, but because of society's narrowminded attitudes, i have to commit a crime to treat my illness, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE GANJA!!!
April 18, 2000 03:12:17 (GMT Time)

Name:Spanky Crew
Comments:Hey Hey ya'll, slaves of spanky here to say we want to see the feet of one and all out there marching for freedom!! This is world wide baby, it doesn't get any bigger than that! Let the herb word be heard! oh yea, and be sure to check out the SOS crew at the rally.
April 17, 2000 17:56:08 (GMT Time)

April 17, 2000 00:43:40 (GMT Time)

Comments:Life is way too short, people really need to learn acceptance and understanding. Why can't we live the way we want to live? See ya there.
April 16, 2000 04:35:56 (GMT Time)

Comments:I am in total support, I enjoy it, people around me enjoy it, and guess what? It shouldn't be a problem. Alcohol and other "legal" substances should and do cause more of an issue than something that is so universal and mutli-useful. See you at the march!
April 13, 2000 16:34:29 (GMT Time)

Comments:Together, United, Canadian Cannabis Collectivly Can CHange The Way we view This harmless (medicinal) Inspiring Plant! Genisis 1:29 Peace love Anarchy
April 12, 2000 21:06:46 (GMT Time)

Comments:I'll C-ya at the march. Oh ya this site roxs!!!! Weed kicks ass, baby!!!
April 11, 2000 23:59:06 (GMT Time)

Comments:Hi!!! i totally agree with legalization... yeah yeah yeah go canada..... we can do it
April 11, 2000 21:47:47 (GMT Time)

Comments:I am very supportive of this cause. i've never been to the march before... what kind of impact can a protest like this make? It raises awareness but will it ever open the eyes of all the millions who think pot is evil? Is is a realistic fight? Would Canada ever make the step or would it be too one sided? MJ just has such a bad rep with so many straight people out there, how many supporters would it take for there to be an movement leading to legalization??? I want to be positive about this battl
April 11, 2000 17:58:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Daniel Szatkowski
Comments:Americans And Canadians need to join and fight for the decriminalizion of marijuana Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize Legalize
April 11, 2000 17:13:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Adam Colquhoun
Comments:sorry i can't make it this year but i fully support the peaceful movement to legalize cannabis let me know if i can help out next year good luck and god bless
April 11, 2000 02:58:34 (GMT Time)

Name:Wayne Phillips
Comments:By ending Marijuana prohibition, the Canadian government would be making a statement for freedom every bit as significant as when the Berlin Wall came down.
April 9, 2000 15:36:43 (GMT Time)

Comments:See you all there!!! 4:20
April 8, 2000 19:38:53 (GMT Time)

Name:Elysse Leffell
Comments:this rox!!!!
April 7, 2000 18:59:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Brent Noon
Comments:Lets take advantage of the wonderful plant put here on earth and use hemp to it's full potential. Be serious, don't give the "man" what he wants to see on the 6th, but show potsmokers to be the intelligent upstanding citizens they are. PEACE! LEGALIZE THE HERB!!!!!!
April 6, 2000 03:32:39 (GMT Time)

Comments:wh0rd up!!! pfD rePrAhseNT!!!
April 6, 2000 03:19:19 (GMT Time)

Comments:For those who have forgotten this important fact . . . Remember, Never, EVER drink the bong water ;-) CityHall, CityTV,Mayor Mel, MaryJ and me; Isn't that considered a party? Maybe a political party we'll have to hold a toke I mean vote
April 6, 2000 00:22:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Terry Parker Jr.
Comments:A joint in front of me, Is better than a lobotomy.
April 5, 2000 21:53:04 (GMT Time)

Name:dominika milewska
Comments:on behalf of my school,tss i will do my best to support, educate and promote the use of marijuana and hemp for the good of all peoples.
April 5, 2000 15:20:27 (GMT Time)

Name:knotty nerd
Comments:tax payers waste thier money putting stoners in jail for selling and shit like that... jails waste room putting stoners in thier cells... if the jails are full and the tax payers money is wasted on these stoners what money are they to use and where are they going to put the murderers, child rapists and bank robbers? think about it. -peace
April 4, 2000 00:59:24 (GMT Time)

Comments:Hey to mhavoc! who wants the blue pill when theres the green herb, anyway?
April 2, 2000 21:03:48 (GMT Time)

Comments:Are we a Communist country? Freedom of pay taxes? Legalize JAH herb. Let people who make up this country decide. Register and vote for pro pot candidates
April 2, 2000 14:22:11 (GMT Time)

April 2, 2000 05:53:43 (GMT Time)

Name:Chris Hawley
Comments:"Take advantage of a different vantage point. You'll find the piece of mind you need inside a joint." - Karmasutra
April 2, 2000 02:59:34 (GMT Time)

Name:Jonah Goulden
Comments:I got buddies there who would love to participate in this event. They were amazed when I told them about Cannabis Day on the Halifax commons which represents legalization of marijuana. It went well and the RCMP left us be but we are still very frustrated in what the legislation has thaught of our actions. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, I"LL PUT THE WORD OUT!!!!
March 31, 2000 01:53:07 (GMT Time)

Comments:hey,what you guy's are doing is prety cool and will probably go down in hemp history. I heard a rumor that there was a march on april 20th [4:20] and that the Violent Femmes were coming to Toronto, is this true ? if any one knows anything about this E-mail me. good luck .
March 29, 2000 21:33:52 (GMT Time)

Comments:Envirohemp 509 Bloor st.w will happily be closed and burning 4 the cause.
March 29, 2000 20:23:40 (GMT Time)

Name:Jamison Van Dyke
Comments:I have just started to read about the brutal injustice that prohabitionist set into motion in the 1930's and I would like to do all that I can to help you.
March 29, 2000 01:47:04 (GMT Time)

Comments:smoke some with cha dogz420! pot head 4 life!
March 28, 2000 03:05:28 (GMT Time)

March 26, 2000 19:41:28 (GMT Time)

Name:Scott & Rory
Comments:F--K prohibition alcohol is legal why not weed? I love weed -420 for life
March 25, 2000 20:55:55 (GMT Time)

Comments:Legalize weed, save the world!!!
March 23, 2000 02:03:53 (GMT Time)

Comments:ill for sure be there bout time something like this happens Stand up for the Weed!! ill tell everyone too!!
March 21, 2000 06:04:50 (GMT Time)

Comments:Great idea a march to free the weed! See you all there! Come visit me at my website when ya'll can! Peace and Love herbman HempCanadian
March 17, 2000 18:04:41 (GMT Time)

Comments:Hey yall!!! I'm just inquiring about a comment made by Sarah below. I did not know that the human brain has special places to collect T.H.C. Please E-mail me with any info on this! Thanx!
March 12, 2000 01:22:03 (GMT Time)

Comments:Very true Dan, that's why it's not working! Peace
March 11, 2000 04:29:32 (GMT Time)

Name:Dan Brindley
Comments:It is really funny how you need a license to hunt, or drive in this country, but not to have kids, This would solve a lot of problems I feel. Counter-productive is what the government is. WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT NO MORE. WE WILL WIN AT ALL COSTS. GOVERNMENT DOES NOT POSSESS THE RIGHT TO SAY WE CANN0T SMOKE WEED.
March 10, 2000 15:18:37 (GMT Time)

Comments:Our government taxes us every chance they get yet rather than legalizing marijuana and taxing it they spend millions to prevent us from using this natural cure for what ailes you.
March 10, 2000 13:06:22 (GMT Time)

Comments:I will be there for sure, this is so cool. The human brain has receptors that were created for the sole purpose of collecting THC, (the active ingredient in marijuana) See you all there.
March 10, 2000 07:02:51 (GMT Time)

Comments:Great idea. I still believe that if they would legalize marijuana, Saskatchewan would be the riches province in Canada. Thank you Derek for visiting our site. I will set up a link for you. You have done a wonderful job here. Marijuana can help a lot of people suffering from serious and terminal illnesses.
March 5, 2000 20:18:38 (GMT Time)

Comments:I am so proud that Toronto is one of the Cities for the Marijuana March, May 6th 2000. I was just recently reading the April 2000 issue of High Times, and noticed that Toronto was not listed as a city. Then, the next day, my friend gave me the flyer for the Toronto March, and I flipped! If there wasn't anything organized for Toronto, I was going to try to start something. I can't wait! My girlfriend and I are printing a whole bunch of the flyers, and posting them up EVERYWHERE!!!! Free the Herb
March 2, 2000 14:57:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Peter Hamm
Comments:I think what you are doing is a good thing and that the city of Toronto and the world at large should realise the beefits of marijuana. I look forward to marching with you on may 6. Peace.
March 1, 2000 21:20:39 (GMT Time)

Comments:hey hey hey smokers, planning on attending the "mmm" from windsor here.....beware of daweedking hhahahahahah
Febuary 27, 2000 22:14:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Blaine D
Comments:Yes! Finally I will get to attend the liberation festivities for my favorite freedom fighter, Mary Jane!
Febuary 24, 2000 22:54:29 (GMT Time)

Name:Evan Williams
Comments:I love culture and art why should I be locked up? I love people who hate me and American Drug advertising scares the hell out of me blah blah negativity but then the tides turn where is their accountability? No offence to americans just MOST not all Politicians who forgot to inhale!!! Who really is Smart out there anyway?
Febuary 24, 2000 22:06:30 (GMT Time)

Comments:legalize the herb-stop the hypocracy! I'll be there with blunts a blazin!
Febuary 24, 2000 17:52:28 (GMT Time)

Comments:Only a half - hour drive to TO from home A chance to spark a dube with Mayor Mel! Free The Weed - Seed The World !!!!
Febuary 24, 2000 15:17:50 (GMT Time)

Comments:I'll be there with pride!
Febuary 22, 2000 22:29:39 (GMT Time)

Comments:Don't drink & drive SMOKE UP & FLY HIGH!
Febuary 22, 2000 20:25:01 (GMT Time)

Comments:Enjoy yourself with care and weed!!! Marijuana/Marihuana Rulez Believe in Bob Marley Believe in John Lennon
Febuary 19, 2000 00:08:30 (GMT Time)

Febuary 17, 2000 16:32:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Lisa & Randy
Comments:we can't wait to go! cheers
Febuary 13, 2000 22:06:27 (GMT Time)

Comments:Your brave souls fighting the most important fight of all time!!!! Thanx, Luv TrollE
Febuary 10, 2000 17:52:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Jo-Ann Alexander
Comments:Chartered buses will be leaving from several points across North East ON and North West PQ. Come join us. Just getting there will be a trip in itself.
Febuary 9, 2000 12:19:42 (GMT Time)

Comments:Just wanned to show my support for the mighty joint....
Febuary 6, 2000 05:17:24 (GMT Time)

Name:Derek Wellwood
Comments:Steve it's never too late, try asking around, maybe with friends, or at a local hemp shop. If not email me and I will see what we can do to get a bunch of people from the east on buses. Check out The Montreal Marijuana March, that is a lot closer. Peace Derek
Febuary 3, 2000 06:03:31 (GMT Time)

Comments:This Millenium March is the greatest!! I wish that people in Newfoundland would start one.
Febuary 2, 2000 16:59:47 (GMT Time)

Comments:Prozack or pot. Don't let the government tell you how to treat your depression. This is the coolest site on the web. Come out to the march!!!!!!
Febuary 2, 2000 08:07:29 (GMT Time)

Name:Dante Abug
Comments:I agree to this cause!
Febuary 2, 2000 02:53:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Todd "chuckie" Bothwell
Comments:I'm looking forward to participating in the march for the first time.Over the years I've come to realize POT really is a blessing and not a curse.I wish everyone would try it first before they knock it! IT'S NOT A WAR ON DRUGS,IT'S A WAR ON PERSONAL FREEDOM!
Febuary 1, 2000 19:57:38 (GMT Time)

Name:Gindre Claire
Comments:I won't be albe to be in Toronto for this march but I really hope that this will have some effect. Because if we can have a chance, even if it's a small one to find something more for the AIDS and the cancer cure, we should in any case try it. So I wish that this government will be intelligent enough to understand our message. Good Luck !
January 28, 2000 09:31:51 (GMT Time)

Where are
you from:
Comments:Welcome to the new guestbook!
January 28, 2000 07:27:53 (GMT Time)

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